Streamyx (Again)
Monday, March 06, 2006
We are paying RM66 for a very unsatisfactory service. It's frustrating, to say the least. Every one of us is using a notebook, and nobody leaves our machine switched on downloading anime or movies, or plays online multiplayer games (say "NO" to DOTA!). We use the Internet mainly for studies, assignments and projects.

Okay, but that's beside the point - what we do online doesn't matter. The thing is, we're paying RM66 for a very unstable connection. We get disconnected all the time - and this goes on for more than 1-2 hours. Sometimes we can't even connect to the net. It's definitely not a router problem. So what we do? Simple.

We connect to our neighbours' networks. The pic shows one of my housemates resorting to going online at the balcony. Uhm, for some reason, she chose to do that. Better reception, I guess. In my case, I can detect several wireless networks from where I'm seated - in the living room.

In some countries, this is an offence punishable by law. Yes. I know. I am aware of that. We're not supposed to do this. We're not supposed to use services which are being paid for by other people. Duh. (Btw, thanks to network admins who do not secure their wireless networks, anybody is free to connect to their networks). As for us... *clears throat*... we do secure our wireless network with a WEP key. Heh. Now don't crap about "two wrongs don't make a right" with me now. What we're doing isn't fair, yes. But think about it - why do we even need to resort to such a measure? We're paying RM66 for shitty services - now is that fair in the first place?

I went to the Tmnet office last week (yes, the problem has been going on, and on), spoke to some technical staff about this. Nothing was wrong with billing - but we just couldn't go online. Eventually, we were told that the problem lies on Tmnet's side. I asked if this was an isolated problem, and if we were the only ones suffering from it. The lady at the other end admitted that we were not the only ones affected. She said that it was a common problem - and promised that she'd have our situation rectified in 24 to 48 hours' time. Whoa. I then went on to say... "You mean, 24 to 48 working hours?", to which replied "Yes".

Why does this have to happen? Can we get some refund off say, this month's RM66? I wonder if insiders (Tmnet employees) are aware that the services they render still have plenty, plenty of room for improvement. Remember that Wikipedia once had an entry on Tmnet, its monopoly, and how it is also synonymous with 'Screamyx' and 'Tmnut'? Apparently that page has been updated - its contents no longer sounds so bad now. *But* thankfully, there is one blogger who still keeps a copy of the contents. Check it out!

There've been so many complaints about Streamyx. We're in Cyberjaya, for God's sake. It's so much of a hassle to just 'go cyber'. Tmnet's HQ is just a few buildings down the road! (Although this doesn't imply anything). Ah, talk about living in an "intelligent city".

I love this place.

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