Too Hot To Handle!
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Last weekend, we thought we'd have Nando's for dinner. I walked in with my sisters, and immediately sat just by the border. There was no question about how much I'd take, obviously 1/2 a bird. But I was indecisive over its flavor. Mild, or hot? I had always had mild. So I felt adventurous this time. "Gimme HOT PERI-PERI, thank you!"

Bad move. First few bites were great. Heck, I was already salivating in excitement even before the chicken was lowered onto our table. Then I realised I was sweating. "Jeh-jeh, you see Kor-kor got diamonds on his face already". I then grabbed a few pieces of tissue paper. Almost naturally, I also wiped the region between my nose and my upper lips.

Yes, my nose got mucus-ified too. Almost profusely. Seriously, it was that chiqik. About a quarter more chick to go, I had to lower my cutlery. No I am not one who wastes food. As a matter of fact, I usually snarf down whatever portion my sisters can't finish. I then took a breather. I felt like I could blow a flame of fire. Spicy like mad weh.

"You, raise your hand ask for more tissue!" I almost teared. The little flag that came with Sis' chicken read "Mild". Turn it around and you'll see "Tickle your taste buds". Whereas "Hot" had "Torture your taste buds Gets you in the mood" written behind. I think I took about 10 minutes break before proceeding to finish that damned chicken. Yes, I finished it weh.

Narrowband's tip of the day: Never drink iced or cold carbonated drinks after you've munched something spicy. Plain, warm water is best at relieving the burning sensation. Oh yes.

Narrowband's tip of the day2: Stick to mild if you can't handle hot. Heck, how would anyone know? That's why la... ask for 1/4 chick first... Don't straight away order 1/2 mah.
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