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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
I stumbled upon this a few days ago (via

Don't Shave Your Ass Hair

Apparently it has been on the internet for quite some time.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Covering almost half the entire front page of today's Star was this:

Miss America runner-up has links with Malaysia
"NEW YORK: Miss Georgia, Monica Pang, the first runner-up in the Miss America beauty pageant in Las Vegas on Saturday, has a Malaysian connection. Her father Peter Pang is from Malaysia."

I am sorry but, may i ask...: So?

I tell you, our country has the funniest ways to piggyback on other people's success. Remember Australian Idol Guy Sebastian? Whoa, all that hype saying he was born in Malaysia and crap... Hello, so what? He's essentially an Australian!

The funniest one has to go be the one related to Vijay Singh. Shortly after he rose to become world's number one golfer, Malaysia was briefly in the limelight as well. Here's an excerpt from a local daily:

"KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia could have gained international recognition if the world number one golfer Vijay Singh's application for permanent resident status 20 years ago had been granted."


*LMAO* All these 'links' with Malaysia, however remote, really do sound deliberate. Can we stop stealing limelights that don't belong to us? Don't you feel strange? There is definitely no patriotism involved (no chanting of Malaysia Boleh, ok! There's no reason for that!). If it's merely a piece of news (and that "Malaysia" is mentioned somewhere in it), it's still not so bad. But glorifying it is embarrassing lah!

Btw, speaking of being in a limelight... did you know that even Wikipedia has a page on the Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal?

C'mon Malaysia... Own up where appropriate!

Story Tag
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Thanks to Che-cheh, I had to crack my head to come up with this one. Never before had I been tagged with anything this tough! ;P

I have to write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:

1. I
2. me
3. blowjob
4. grapes
5. random
6. power
7. loneliness
8. water
9. robot
10. blue

Undercover Journalism
Amy groped Andy's butt, then winked. He was stunned. She was eating grapes, and inserted one into her mouth in the most alluring manner she knew. He said "Ok, you". In a random manner, they chose Hotel Ayam for the night.

"Actually...", before Andy could continue, she began to kiss him.

"... A high-level of professionalism must be maintained...". They echoed in Andy's ears. He then mustered enough courage to ask, between gasps, "What.. uh.. brought you.. uh.. into prostitution?"

"My friends can afford cars, branded clothes just by having sex! I want too!" Andy was enlightened. Before long, the fans stopped moving.

"Not another power failure! Damn.." Amy muttered.

"How about loneliness? Doesn't it bother you?" he assumed that Amy was a lonely woman. By now, he was already stripped down to his boxers.

"Friendships and relationships have been cruel to me", she said as her hips moved back and forth like a malfunctioned robot, teasing him so badly.

Amy then offered to do a blowjob for an additional RM200. Afraid of contracting STDs, Andy was sober enough to turn her down. He drank some water, and decided to leave before officers in blue uniforms come raiding the place.

Word count: 200 (including title)
Related: Undergrads selling their bodies in KL

Now, I pass this tag to:
1) Hooiching
2) Alicia
3) Applegal
4) Skay
5) Peikz
Oh, What a Relief!
Thursday, January 12, 2006
I'm so sleepy. This morning's paper was do-able, I guess... won't talk much about it. Difficulty level about 7.75/10 lah (if it wasn't for questions on fiber optics and antenna, I think I would have flunked it completely). Quite tough also la. But I'm glad that it's now over.

When was the last time you had one of those chocolate wafers? I saw it in the grocery shop yesterday and thought they'd come in handy later in the night. RM1.50 only! It had been ages since I last had one. And guess who shared the table with me?

Elaine and her beloved cannot-live-home-without-it dog. It has a name, too. Call it "Booboo". There are more in the room - like some stuffed toys zoo already. An assortment of tortoises, cows, dogs, donkeys...

In the wee hours of the morning, Steph and Elaine went to the kitchen in search for food. They made mushroom soup! No I didn't have a share of it...

I went to bed after 2am; slept for barely 6 hours. It's good to have at least about 5 hours of sleep before an exam - It sucks to make stupid mistakes just because you didn't have enough sleep. Ok, it's time for a much-needed nap! Narrowband signing off with a yawn... zZ~
Too Hot To Handle!
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Last weekend, we thought we'd have Nando's for dinner. I walked in with my sisters, and immediately sat just by the border. There was no question about how much I'd take, obviously 1/2 a bird. But I was indecisive over its flavor. Mild, or hot? I had always had mild. So I felt adventurous this time. "Gimme HOT PERI-PERI, thank you!"

Bad move. First few bites were great. Heck, I was already salivating in excitement even before the chicken was lowered onto our table. Then I realised I was sweating. "Jeh-jeh, you see Kor-kor got diamonds on his face already". I then grabbed a few pieces of tissue paper. Almost naturally, I also wiped the region between my nose and my upper lips.

Yes, my nose got mucus-ified too. Almost profusely. Seriously, it was that chiqik. About a quarter more chick to go, I had to lower my cutlery. No I am not one who wastes food. As a matter of fact, I usually snarf down whatever portion my sisters can't finish. I then took a breather. I felt like I could blow a flame of fire. Spicy like mad weh.

"You, raise your hand ask for more tissue!" I almost teared. The little flag that came with Sis' chicken read "Mild". Turn it around and you'll see "Tickle your taste buds". Whereas "Hot" had "Torture your taste buds Gets you in the mood" written behind. I think I took about 10 minutes break before proceeding to finish that damned chicken. Yes, I finished it weh.

Narrowband's tip of the day: Never drink iced or cold carbonated drinks after you've munched something spicy. Plain, warm water is best at relieving the burning sensation. Oh yes.

Narrowband's tip of the day2: Stick to mild if you can't handle hot. Heck, how would anyone know? That's why la... ask for 1/4 chick first... Don't straight away order 1/2 mah.
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