Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Covering almost half the entire front page of today's Star was this:

Miss America runner-up has links with Malaysia
"NEW YORK: Miss Georgia, Monica Pang, the first runner-up in the Miss America beauty pageant in Las Vegas on Saturday, has a Malaysian connection. Her father Peter Pang is from Malaysia."

I am sorry but, may i ask...: So?

I tell you, our country has the funniest ways to piggyback on other people's success. Remember Australian Idol Guy Sebastian? Whoa, all that hype saying he was born in Malaysia and crap... Hello, so what? He's essentially an Australian!

The funniest one has to go be the one related to Vijay Singh. Shortly after he rose to become world's number one golfer, Malaysia was briefly in the limelight as well. Here's an excerpt from a local daily:

"KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia could have gained international recognition if the world number one golfer Vijay Singh's application for permanent resident status 20 years ago had been granted."


*LMAO* All these 'links' with Malaysia, however remote, really do sound deliberate. Can we stop stealing limelights that don't belong to us? Don't you feel strange? There is definitely no patriotism involved (no chanting of Malaysia Boleh, ok! There's no reason for that!). If it's merely a piece of news (and that "Malaysia" is mentioned somewhere in it), it's still not so bad. But glorifying it is embarrassing lah!

Btw, speaking of being in a limelight... did you know that even Wikipedia has a page on the Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal?

C'mon Malaysia... Own up where appropriate!

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