Dong Zhi 2005
Sunday, December 18, 2005
This year's Dong Zhi (冬至), or the Winter Solstice Festival, falls on December the 21st. Today we've already begun kneading and rolling out the little glutinous rice balls, known as tang yuan (汤圆). We used different colours to make 'em appear nicer, less boring ;).

Dong Zhi is celebrated by the Chinese (usually Southern descendants - I think), to mark the arrival of winter. It is a festival where family members get together and celebrate the past good year. There is no wonder why it is the second most important festival in the Chinese calender. The name tang yuan also sounds like 'tuan yuan' (团圆), which means 'reunion'. Hence, eating tang yuan also signifies family reunion and unity.
Simply Pleasant
Monday, December 12, 2005
I feel compelled to blog, especially after meeting Faylin in Midvalley. "David Liow!", a female voice called out. I was startled, and wondered where the heck did that voice come from. At the back of my mind, another question popped up: Which lenglui's voice was that!?

To my delight, it was the lenglui from my class in form 4 and 5! "Eh!! What a coincidence!" I said almost immediately. At this juncture, she was already walking towards me. I was thinking, "OMG this is Faylin!". She's just returned from Oz recently, and needless to say, I didn't know about it lah (sorry ler, missed that post :P). She was shopping with two of her cousins. We chatted for a while before parting ways. It had been quite some time since we last met, so it was nice seeing her again. She commented that I'd lost weight. :(. I eat alot leh!

Later that night, another one of our ex-classmates (mine and Faylin's, heh) called. Surprised to see an 'unknown' caller on my screen, I answered with an apprehensive-sounding "Hullow?". What followed was a short moment of silence, before broken by a familiar greeting. "Hello, hello...?", so it went. I knew that trademark greeting. It belonged to Peikz.

For a moment I still couldn't grasp what was happening. Then something confirmed she was indeed real. She burst out laughing. "Ohh, Peikz!!". She laughed again. "Wow, I thought who!". And she laughed again. "You back here?" And she laug- just kidding. She laughs alot, but not to that question. Guess what, it was a call made all the way from the land where men wear kilts and people blow bagpipes.

Right. Scotland's where Peikz's at. According to her, she had so much prepaid credit left that she decided to call home to Bolehland before the credit expires. This could imply three possibilities. That I was the 'chosen' one. (Aww *flattered*). And/or I was used. (Who cares!). She sounded happy on the phone, which was why I felt happy too. Had fun chatting, all the way until her credit depleted. That was when the call ended abruptly halfway through a sentence. (Pls remember the pic of the 8-footer, k!)

Came home exhausted. But happy. Feels good to be remembered. LOL.
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