At 21, Life's Just Begun
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Thank you so much, guys and gals. Most of all, thank you for coming - Your mere presence was worth much more than all my bday gifts, combined. I could not be more thankful. Peikz will be leaving for Scotland in a fortnight, thank you so much for coming - and that pressie!! You will be dearly missed! :(

My heartfelt thanks to Jess, for helping out with the cakes - selflessly. She wrote an emotional 'essay' in her card, which was sweet *_*. The moment I saw the two basketball-related gifts, I thought "Aww...". You guys know me so well ;) And that wallet! OMG - I got a new leather wallet! And guess what, I've got two of the same card :p I'm so elated I don't know what to say.

Well guys, thanks for being part of me - Through the years, since we were little kids. Love you all ;) And of course, to those whom I wasn't fortunate enough to meet when I was little, you know you guys are special to me ;)

The attendees...
Alex (Dude.. fuckin big hands you got there man.. ;p)
Chee Seng
Hing How
Kean Chien
Michael (Thanks for the Lumix loan, dude!)
Teik Jin
Weng Toong

And the absentees who also made my day:
Sew (this guy caused a major upset to many... Grr..)
Swee Fun
Wai Shien
Hooi Ching
Yew Yian

Super upsets include: Boon Aik, Jason and Johnson...

The cakes of the night (love this shot - courtesy of Skay, brand new slim Cybershot!) - Regretted for choosing this flavor. My eyes and ears would've preferred a sponge cake, y'know what I mean. Darn it was nasty.

Timmy turned up with some booze, with crutches and all! He's the man, y'know what I mean. Thank you all who travelled from far.. and those who'd to get up early the following morning. Thanks again for coming, everyone! (Told you guys it would be small-scale. True enough, wasn't it?)
Ladies, You've Got To Be Kidding Teasing Me
Friday, May 27, 2005
I read with interest what three Japanese GT girls said about Malaysian men. Putting a pic of three sexily dressed ladies next to the article certainly helped capture some attention - what more on the 3rd page of The Star.

According to them, "Malaysian men's eyes are big and sparkling", and that they're "kind and perfect gentlemen". *Narrowband quickly shuffles to the mirror and inspect the size of his eyes... and tries to find the 'sparkle' these ladies were talking about*

To prove their point, they said "Malaysian men hold the door for us while Japanese men do not bother". Ohh-kay... (By the way, these ladies are pretty, young and hot - from the pic at least). I have no further comment...

One of the hotties said she liked the way M'sian men behaves, as compared to their Japanese counterpart. Japanese men, according to her, were generally "very shy". Our local bolehans, on the other hand, do "come forward to talk to us".

"We don't like quiet guys, they are no fun," she added.

They would even stay back in Malaysia, saying "We like it here, we can stay back and marry Malaysians".

For some reason, I think they're doing more than just promoting the Japan GT Championship. They're very good at teasting! (C'mon, y'know what I mean).

They also love Malaysian food and shopping centres. To further melt M'sian men's hammering hearts, one of them said "I bought a lot of expensive, sexy French lingerie" - Which I still can't relate to M'sian shopping centres.

Boy oh boy. What an entertaining read. Sexy stuff.

Damn! Gotta quit imagining things.
Unreturned Book: 10 Years Overdue
Saturday, May 21, 2005
I have a confession to make: I still haven't returned a book I borrowed from my (primary) school's library. It's not that I didn't want to, but I'd totally forgotten about it. As you can see, the year tells you that this book has been in my possession for over ten years. Wow. I realised this only a few years back, when I was spring cleaning my room. Whoops.

Now that I've remembered, I'm wondering what should I do with the book (it still rests on one of my bookshelves). Funny how interesting things start to pop out everytime you spring clean your room.
Don't Underrate This M'sian Treasure
Sunday, May 15, 2005
While most men sleep in their sarongs, I realised that quite a number of Malaysians (males) also wear this to sleep. Now how did I come to realise this? Incidentally, my friends also have this type (similar, if not same) of taylor-made pants, usually given/made by their grandmothers, just like mine. Hehe. One more item to add to your All-Things-Malaysian list (apart from Pagoda singlets)?

Call it Ah Pek-Style, I don't care. It's comfortable. I don't really know where to buy one of these in the malls. This 'exclusive' loose-fitting taylor-made pyjama was a prezzie from my grandma. I wear it to sleep, sometimes (when I prefer to wear shorts).
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