Ladies, You've Got To Be Kidding Teasing Me
Friday, May 27, 2005
I read with interest what three Japanese GT girls said about Malaysian men. Putting a pic of three sexily dressed ladies next to the article certainly helped capture some attention - what more on the 3rd page of The Star.

According to them, "Malaysian men's eyes are big and sparkling", and that they're "kind and perfect gentlemen". *Narrowband quickly shuffles to the mirror and inspect the size of his eyes... and tries to find the 'sparkle' these ladies were talking about*

To prove their point, they said "Malaysian men hold the door for us while Japanese men do not bother". Ohh-kay... (By the way, these ladies are pretty, young and hot - from the pic at least). I have no further comment...

One of the hotties said she liked the way M'sian men behaves, as compared to their Japanese counterpart. Japanese men, according to her, were generally "very shy". Our local bolehans, on the other hand, do "come forward to talk to us".

"We don't like quiet guys, they are no fun," she added.

They would even stay back in Malaysia, saying "We like it here, we can stay back and marry Malaysians".

For some reason, I think they're doing more than just promoting the Japan GT Championship. They're very good at teasting! (C'mon, y'know what I mean).

They also love Malaysian food and shopping centres. To further melt M'sian men's hammering hearts, one of them said "I bought a lot of expensive, sexy French lingerie" - Which I still can't relate to M'sian shopping centres.

Boy oh boy. What an entertaining read. Sexy stuff.

Damn! Gotta quit imagining things.
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