Course Registration For Next Semester!
Saturday, March 26, 2005
It's the time of the year again - Course registration! We have a course-registration schedule to adhere to, and this morning was my slot. I've had my fair share of misfortunes previously, usually due to outstanding tuition fees and clashing problems (and some other glitches like this). This morning, I tried registering for a new subject (we're the first batch to be offered this subject), and the limited places were all snapped up in less than half an hour! I tried adding that subject, it says [FULL]. Grrr.

Now lemme tell you alil about the nature of this wonderful subject - And why everyone wants to take it. It's called "Mini Project". Having been stucked in an exam-oriented education system for almost all my life now, a Mini Project is timely. It is time we're evaluated and assessed based on practical work (put more weightage in this area). Initially, I chose engineering thinking that there'd be less "reading and memorizing", because that's what I really suck at. On the other hand, I was doing okay in math and physics back in school - So the choice was clear, at that time. To add, I believe I've chosen the right course - Considering I'm into my third year already, that's a positive thing to say, isn't it?

Once I entered university, I realised that there was no escape route - We've to do alot of reading. Of course, in engineering, practical exposure is a must. But usually, that accounts up to only about 20% of the total marks for each subject. The other 20% usually comes from midterm exams (paper), and finals is worth 60%. So you see, the weightage is pretty skewed towards examinations (paper).

So back to the Mini Project thingy. Despite the ultra-bombastic topics (Low Cost Infrared Wireless MODEM for PC-to-PC Communication, Audio Mixer, Optical Fiber Communication Systems, Multimedia Streaming Systems), which involve both hardware and software, and the fact that only 2 students are allowed per group, I was very hopeful that I could register for that subject. It is, however, an elective subject. So I had no choice but to choose the other elective subject offered.

But a few hours later, an angel came to me and gave me a second chance: Alicia offered to give up her place, and let me have it while she chose the other elective subject. She waited until I replied her SMS and returned her call, before giving up her place, to make sure that it doesn't fall to other hopeful students (considering that it was already a few hours after the registration window opened, who knows some desperado would keep refreshing his browser and wait until someone gives up a place).

It was a win-win situation, because she said she felt more comfortable taking the other elective subject (computer-based). For one, she is majoring in computer, while I'm not. Besides, most of her other coursemates (majoring in computer) did not select Mini Project. So now that I'm registered for the Mini Project, I've gotten what I wanted and so has Alicia!

And if I may quote her: "It's the best for both worlds". (Although I feel that it should be "best for both of us"?). Hehe. Anyway, thanks wor! *muAhz!!*
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