The Pomp And Glitzy Prom Nights
Sunday, January 23, 2005
Apple was telling me about her Law Nite, and that she has bought her outfit for the night. Yes you can read about it in her blog, of course ;D. Her Law Nite is to be attended by reps from law firms; among them big shots, I suppose! It sounds bizarre, really; and it reminds me of the kind of "Nite"s my university has, from ISS (International Student Society) Nite to FOM (Faculty of Management) Nite, to our own E-Nite (Engineering). Yeah, funny-sounding "Nite"s (or "Nights" - to be frank, I don't give a damn about spelling. And I'm positive that I've gotten some of the spelling wrong), but all of them have a common similarity.

Like a typical prom night, these events feature a dinner, performances, votes for the best this-and-that, speeches, and they usually have dancefloors opened towards the end. It is also during this time (when the dancefloors are opened) that the VIPs (usually Deans, Associate Deans, lecturers) are thanked for their presence and participation in the event - in other words, they're saying "That's all folks, it's time to go home!". And once the big guys are gone, the dancefloors are swarmed by couples who dance to the accompanying music.

Now let's talk about "voting for the best this-and-that". In my experience (I mean from attending these kinda events, not from receiving prizes/awards), I've come across the Best Dressed Male, Best Dressed Female, Best Couple, Best Hairdo (Female/Male)... can't remember most of the rest, so here're some typical ones. I faintly recall having heard the announcement for the Most Photogenic Girl, although I'm not quite sure. Btw, my housemates recently talked about "being photogenic" - I know, I know. Don't start with me. Some photogenic people are really beautiful in flesh, too, okay? But uhm, given the choice, I would still rather not be 'crowned' Mr Photogenic (not that I'm one, anyway) ;D

Performances is another thing. I've come across crappy band performances where the members headbanged and hopped like Skippy (the kangaroo) on stage. I mean, blame it on my poor appreciation of this genre... but the organisers should have run a thorough audition and select the appropriate performances. There're places where heavy metal does not appeal to audience, and events like these are one of them. Try it in some rock concert down town and maybe the music would be better appreciated that way. A good performance (not to mention an entertaining one) is whereby its music is appropriate, and sounds good to the general audience (and not just a select group of rock fanatics).

People who attend these glitzy nights usually turn up h-o-t. Singletons take advantage to date their crush, while couples appear with their usual partners (not like they have much choice anyway, right ;p). I meant hooked up couples, as in the famous pairs and lovebirds, y'get what I mean. Don't be surprised to see a relationship booming right after a night of courtship - in this case, the prom night. What I'm saying is that, prom nights may also mark the beginning of a new chapter for some people. While it's not necessary to attend with a partner, many actually consider that idea.

For the singletons who don't plan to date anyone, but just attend singly - it's just another night with food and performances. Most of them prefer to sit with their friends, so they reserve the whole table. Me? Me has been to nights like these no less than two times, and I attended solo, everytime. And why is that? You tell me!

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