Living With Sinus Headaches
Friday, January 21, 2005
My sinus attacks seem to be part of my life now. Some people live with it for years, before finding the right kind of cure. I learnt online that sinus headaches can be relieved by b reathing hot, moist air - think about sitting in front of a bowl of hot water. The idea is to drain the nasal passage. Sinus headaches are caused when the sinuses ducts connecting any of the sinuses, swell up. This swelling causes pressure in the membrane lining of the nasal passages and this cause the discomfort and pain. Usually, pain occurs around my face, behind my eye, head and it extends all the way to behind my neck (upper).

I'm getting the headaches as frequent as 5-6 times a week. Usually strikes around 10am, the headaches last about 40 minutes to an hour. When I'm lucky, I don't get any headaches for the whole day. I'm still adapting to this new 'lifestyle'. When it comes, I only hope it goes away quickly. Unfortunately for me, during each attack, it always seemed to last for ages. There's nothing much I can do about it, except avoid lying down. But sometimes it comes at night, and I've no choice but to just sleep with it - even though it's difficult.

An ENT specialist prescribed me with some decongestant, to allow better drainage of my nasal passages. Unfortunately, probably due to allergy, I got side effects from using the decongestant. And to be frank, my condition never really improved anyway. It's most likely because the "stuffy" area is very deep, and whatever nasal spray that I was using couldn't reach it inside. Anyway, immediate consultation is not my option now. Since many people are leaving with sinus headaches everyday, I think (and I hope) I can bear this, instead of blowing hundreds of ringgit for treatment.

While money is not an issue, everyone seems to be advising me about changing my lifestyle, sleeping habits and things like that. Well hey, I'm the one bearing the pain, do you think I would do anything that might worsen my condition? Of course I'm doing all I can by taking logical steps, such as opening up the windows to allow better ventilation when I sleep, going to bed early to avoid straining my eyes (I've even been told that the pain might be related to my eyesight, although the optometrists say my eyes are okay), and other measures that seem logical.

When my headache strikes, I'm easily distracted. My mood changes, and I talk less. Of course, right? Man I'm bearing pain you know. If I'm in the middle of a lecture, my concentration is affected as well. But there was one day when I was being my usual self during a headache strike - I was helping Elaine with her computer and her new blog. I realised that I could joke, and continue talking about certain things. That said, I guess it's good to get my mind off thinking about the pain. I mean, it helps by not thinking about it too much. I didn't think much about the pain, and before I knew it, it was already gone.

By the way...
Singapore Awaits the A380's First Flight
With Singapore Airlines being the first airline in the world to accept the A380 for commercial service, I came across this picture. It's the A380 donning SIA's paintwork.

The A380 with Singapore Airlines colors

"The A380-800 - Flightcrew of two. Standard seating for 555 passengers on two decks in a three class arrangement. Qantas plans to fit its aircraft with 523 seats (in three classes). A380 has 49% more floor area but only 35% more seats (in 555 seat configuration) than the 747-400, allowing room for passenger amenities such as bars, gymnasiums and duty free shops. Cargo capacity 38 LD3s or 13 pallets." (Excerpt taken from


Bars, gymnasiums and duty free shops? Awesome! Btw, if you think you know the A380 well enough, try the A380 IQ Quiz! (Taken from A380: The Reveal.)
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