Narrow What?
Tuesday, December 07, 2004
My nickname is band. Narrow band (usually written as one single word). I've been asked about what my nick means. Before anything, let me clarify that it (my nick) was not meant to describe my personality or "open-mindedness". Totally unrelated. Ok :p

In 2002, I was inspired by the term "broadband". Back then, I did not have broadband internet access. As a dialup user, I merely relied on my 56K US Robotics modem - it was once a luxury. In the same year, I set up my Yahoo! Messenger account and used "narrowband" as my nick - simply because I wasn't on broadband, so "narrowband" instead!

Since then, I've been using the same nick for various purposes - in forums as well as LAN gaming. While in campus, I was on LAN and Counter-Strike used to be very popular.

Over the years, I just couldn't be bothered to come up with a new nickname. What for, right? :)

So how did "narrowband" come about? For those who wonder: There, as explained. For those who don't wonder about these things: Thanks for visiting Living Gem. Heh! *Grins*
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