Good Samaritan
Monday, November 22, 2004
Got an email from a reader, informing me about Living Gem's skewed (yes, "screwed (up)" is also applicable here) text box - apparently to the left, "chopping" off a fraction of the text box. As a result, some alphabets of each line went missing (overshot the screen's display area), despite having
maximized the window. And nope, there isn't any horizontal scrollbar in Living Gem either. I
blogged about a similar experience when I first accessed Living Gem from my old PC.

Y'see, I was keen on picking up CSS for my page - because I knew I could learn something from it. After reading articles and tutorials about CSS and "valid" html wrtiting, I felt that my html knowledge was totally tested - and applied to produce something different. Living Gem's design is actually a pre-designed template, sourced from Eris design. Modifications were made to include Blogspot's tags, etc. Further mods (almost a revamp) were made to validate (tidy up) the codes, too. As a result, Living Gem is now xhtml 1.0 Transitional! *Grins*

So what's keeping me up this late? I was tidying up my notes and books when I decided to just take a peep into my inbox. Gmail notifier wasn't running at that time. Thanks to Mr KY Wong, for pointing out the boo-boo.

Study Blues

I've always dreaded computer-related subjects: Data structuring, data processing, algorithms, computer design, architecture, and even programming. Come this Thursday - I'll have to squeeze every ounce out of my brain, as the subject requires alot of memorizing. Analog Communications is on the following day - and given the 24-hour separation between these two papers, I figured that I had to read up the latter first. I can't even tell how prepared am I for the papers. Just hope for the best - and may my lucky stars be with me. Ahead of the exams, I shall cut down on blogging (as well as reading others' blogs). (Uhm, did I just say "cut down"? Or did I say "stop"? ... Oh well ... )
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