Carpentry = Good Workout
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Two days ago, I was at Chee Keat's place doing something kinda out of this world (from my point of view). It had been more than 5 years since I held a saw - and cut wood. And I kinda appreciate that our education system makes us learn basic carpentry. Well, you may think that carpentry doesn't require any learning - it's all common sense. But learning the basics in school gives us the invaluable experience - of first time cutting a wood!

Armed with a saw - albeit quite a blunt one - and nothing else to hold these pieces of wood in place, it was no easy job. I was sweating profusely after the second round - and probably due to the blunt saw, each cut took almost forever, not to mention numbing my hand in the process. We took turns, and built a little slope, measuring 1.0m by 0.5m - for our project.

And I just received a good news - We'll have to build another one cuz we need two. *faints*
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