Firecrackers Again
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Bastards who play with firecrackers middle of the night, in a condominium should be hung to death. Hundreds of students living here are busy studying for the upcoming exams, while others are already asleep. Other residents include foreigners, employees from companies nearby and families. The guys who set off these loud explosions are simply... I don't know. Just indescribable. No remorse, no regards, no sense! Plain playful. No point complaining the police - they can't do nuts. Firstly, there isn't any police station nearby. However, I must admit that they (the police) patrol the area pretty often (in Waja police cars). Like I said, patrolling the area - they watch the roads. Secondly, even if they come and check, they won't be able to trace those pricks. What's gotten into the brains of these people? And I thought firecrackers was banned in the country.

The next time you wanna buy a house, steer clear from places where students make up the majority of the residents.
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