Meritocracy Again?
Sunday, December 12, 2004
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If you're a student, the issue of meritocracy in Malaysia should ring some bells to you. It's nothing new, and it won't go away - at least not in a foreseeable future. So we just gotta choke on that.

Meanwhile, I do notice a brain drain - even long after the country pledged to reduce this. I've friends who couldn't get into local universities, and are now studying abroad. You can even turn to StarTwo and once a while notice the column called "Malaysians Abroad". I read about an Alaskan Chief Judge who's a Malaysian. He applied for to get into UM (in the 70's) but was denied a place; ended up studying in a foreign university. His life since, needs no elaboration.

The issue of meritocracy can be resolved, of course. But it just won't happen here in Bolehland. Make no mistake, I have many friends who wished that they were treated fairly, and appreciated for their ability and excellence in their fields of study - this includes all races. So for a start (and to end the decades-long dispute), why don't they take-off this blanket of protection? Beats me.

I, for one, will never be a contender at the top end - cuz I'm a fcuking lazy student. *grins*
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