The Engine Wouldn't Fire Up!
Saturday, January 15, 2005
I was out for dinner with my sisters when the car died on me. With bloated tummies, we were about to leave the restaurant when the car just wouldn't start. Okay, my fault for turning the ignition key too quickly (right after I inserted it). But then past experiences told me that the car would start just fine anyhow! It doesn't have much electronics in it. Must be one of its tantrum-throwing exercise... It's a temperamental car, alright.

Okay, so there we were, without the air-cond, all four doors closed, thinking what to do next. After all, it's not an everyday occurrence (*touchwood*) - we needed time to digest what was happening. I tried several times - and each time the alarm set off. I don't know how many passers-by turned heads, but we sure didn't look like thieves. We knew the battery was still okay, because there was light in our car. The radio and power windows were still functioning.

Upon noticing that the retries (firing up the engine) didn't work, sis popped her next question, "Eh, you got your AAM membership card with you or not?"

I replied: "Yeah, in my wallet".

So she read the phone number on the sticker (on our windscreen) and I dialled from my phone. All was well, except that the guy on the other side of the line seemed kinda blur. I don't blame him - I spoke in English. I mean, it would seem rude to switch languages halfway - he might think "What, you think I can't understand English?". I tried my best to speak as clearly as possible, telling him my name and membership number. It's a supplementary card, by the way, under Dad's account.

After the conversation, Sis used her phone and called Mom to inform. We stood and watched the cars that passed by, trying to spot the yellow AAM van. Suddenly Sis said, "Neh, come already". I checked the time, it was barely 20 minutes.

I told the AAM guy our problem, and he tried starting the car. It had to be the battery. After a quick check (where he whipped out a cool torch light whose power was sourced from my car battery), he concluded that the battery's cable was loosely in contact with one of the terminals. All he did was tightening up the connection area and told me to try starting the engine.

It worked like wonder! He explained that the next time this happens, it'll most probably due to the loose connection (pointed towards the said area). Did some paperwork, presented my membership card and signed the service form. From the phone call until the signing of the form, it didn't take more than half an hour. Now how efficient is that?

AAM = Automobile Association of Malaysia

By the way...
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