Of Da Ladies & M'sian Space Mission
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
I've always wanted to do this, but never found the time. Since I'd just finished all my midterm exams (hence the good mood), I hereby tell you guys about... *drumrolls, please* the ladies of my house! To the uninitiated, I live with 5 other coursemates, we're renting a condo here (near our campus). No no, not all 5 of them are females. I have a roommate, and he's a he (duh). The 4 others are the ladies, and we're all doing the same course here - despite majoring in different fields.

Me and my roommate, as guys naturally are... "less hardworking" than the ladies. Well, you can't deny me on that - the ladies are very diligent. Come any examination, pressure piles and you'll feel the tension. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a good thing, of course. It is motivation, you know? Studies aside, you can't really expect them to be like traditional ladies who cook, wash clothes and clean the house everyday. In these areas, gender equality is at its best. My roommate, although not an expert, has experience in cookery. IMHO, the ladies lose out on him in this. Me? Hoho, I pick up some skills here and there sometimes :p

It's difficult to go into person by person - Cuz I'll get all sorta funny responses when I compliment any one of them but not the others. Despite their age, baby-like kinda sulking is still prevalent - Sometimes they last for weeks! So before I decide to say anything, I've got to think twice. Yes, even blogging about them is a risk. But I've done some calculations, I know I've a 'safety margin' that's gonna 'cushion' any verbal, physical or mental attack by them. *Grins*

So instead of talking about one girl after another, let's do it collectively - I shall call them "Da Ladies" here, okie? Da Ladies are very thoughtful people - Despite the seemingly cruel looks and mischievous nature, they buy you gifts and help celebrate your birthday. They know they're staying with two lazy bummer guys and hence, they prepare extra study materials when necessary - And that's really sweet cuz it's like they can read our minds. We chat and talk about almost everything under the sun, pretty much like the nonsensical crap I have at home with my sis.

We're all very closely bonded, and calling them "housemates" doesn't seem appropriate anymore. Friends? True, but every other person we know in campus are our friends too. We spend every school-going day and have almost every meal together - Cuz we all share the same time table (well, almost). When someone mentions one of us, others will chirp "Oh, ____'s housemate ah?". Well, it's not like I enjoy this sorta attention - But Da Ladies are pretty well-known and have a humongous network of friends in campus, including graduating ones. Needless to say, the male friends outnumber the females. Don't ask me how, you do the math.

I've come across people telling me "Wah, then you ma very lucky?!" Well hey, we all know what "lucky" here refers to. But let me tell you this (in fact, I've even said this to them - got pinched real hard after that), after staying with them for almost a year, I'm "immune" to them already. No, I'm not turning gay. There's no doubt about my sexual orientation - I'm straight as arrow. I mean, they're like sisters to me - Any naughty thoughts are almost as disgusting as committing incest. Me falling for them? No way! Although we flirt jokingly very often.

Besides, they're crazy people. Look at what one of them have just uploaded online (Whoops, did I just break one of their identities?). I mean, how can I possibly fall for my 'almost-half-sisters'? Da Ladies aside, our house is very comfortably furnished with Lorenzo sofa set, TV, hi-fi, VCD player, dining table, coffee table, carpets, yellow downlights, furnished kitchen, etc... Envied by many, really. We're lucky to have gotten this unit, at the same amount of rental as other units (with only basic furnishing). The dining hall is so comfortable that sometimes any one or two of us would just slump into the sofa and pig for a nap.

My roommate has two sisters, so have I. We're both only-sons. You can say that we're used to growing up with females. Da Ladies, interestingly, have no brothers (none of them has). Among the 4, W has 4 sisters, X has 3, Y has 2, and Z is the only daughter. Do you notice the pattern? We speak primarily in English, although Cantonese is sometimes used too. So do I feel lucky? Yeah, of course - I have a bunch of sweet, attractive (to other guys - and I kinda like the feeling when some of them get jealous of me and my roommate ;D), naughty wackos who're gonna be my housemates for the next 2 years. Oh by the way, our monthly rental is gonna go up in two months. The increase? RM50 only :p RM50 to be divided among 6 of us - not a big deal, considering that we've settled down, and not to mention the hassle of moving out.

Introducing Da Ladies: Liwei, Alicia, Steph and Elaine. (Grr I have a feeling there's gonna be a dispute on whose name got mentioned first and likewise, who got mentioned last. I'm not gonna succumb to such a dilemma! Names are mentioned without any particular preference ok? All are same to me!) *Wipes sweat*

By the way (you've just gotta check this out)...
Teh Tarik, Roti Canai and Sambal Belacan in Space?
The first Malaysian astronaut is gonna have teh tarik, roti canai and sambal belacan in space, when joining the Russian space mission scheduled in October 2007. Oh, he/she's gonna wear batik, too. Coincidentally, I blogged about this in November last year - On having teh tarik in space. I was merely joking back then. In the news today, it's real.

's report even has this line: "It's not funny. This is a serious matter".

"We just want our astronaut to share the local culture with the Russian colleagues during the mission"

An ulama might also be involved in the research should the successful astronaut candidate is a Muslim. "Their help is needed in determining the direction of kiblat (Kaabah) and prayer time in space". (Read more on Bernama)

Patriotism can be really freaky sometimes.

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