How To Reinstall Blogger Commenting
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I created a new account a few days ago, to do some testing, trials and errors, while reinstalling my Blogger commenting. I wanted to see how the original Blogger commenting HTML codes looked like. Silly me, I could've easily gone to Blogger's help pages (I just did, prior to this blog), and everything was available there. I summarized it, added some explanations and "colours" to improve clarity. Nevertheless, that new account still proved useful cuz I'm now using it for this particular blog entry (on how to reinstall your Blogger commenting system). Due to the excessive raw HTML codes (the ones that are meant to show you - instead of to be "processed"), I found it much easier to create the post in MS Frontpage. However, after copying and pasting into my blog's (Living Gem) "New Post", it turned out that most of the HTML codes have gone haywire. Some lines exceeded the allocated width of my text area, and "poked" through my sidebar. (Trust me, you wouldn't wanna see that. It was messy!). As such, I copied the whole HTML thingy into my experimental account instead. So today's update can be viewed on this page. No feedbacks or comments can be made there, so drop 'em all in here. Btw, in case you might ask, "newwaveform" is not a strange term especially in my field of study. It randomly spilled out of my mind.
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