Buttocks Tell Stories
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Smack me but I've been up since 5.40am this morning. I slept early, and this auto-wake up mode was not intentionally switched on in me. I wish I could doze back off, but the little angel sitting on my (left? right?) shoulder kindly reminded me that I've an exam this coming Wednesday. So I spent some time revising. Completed a chapter, and I'm beginning to tear as a result of multiple yawns. But before I slump into bed again, I spent some time checking mails (supposedly) and came across this:

Buttocks - They can reveal a person's sexuality and tempter. (Purely for fun reading).

Needless to say that buttocks are one of the sexiest body parts. Nothing seems more attractive to men than women's backsides in tight jeans.

As for women, the majority of them pay attention to men's buttocks first and foremost - they find them much more appealing than anything else that a man can boast of. A man with a nice muscular butt is considered to be strong, persistent and enduring in bed. A girl with a cute little round bottom is sexually active, albeit material and unkind.

Symmetrical wrinkles underneath the buttocks stand for reliable, steady and calm individuals, whereas asymmetrical wrinkles expose selfish and greedy people. Those who have buttocks with so-called "ear-like bulges" on both sides are usually faithful people in love and marriage. Men and women with such buttocks are hopelessly mediocre individuals, though. Girls with saggy square-shaped buttocks are very kind in their nature: they make very good wives and careful mothers.

Those people, whose left buttock is larger than the right one, have to contract marriage as early as possible - it is terribly unhealthy for them to stay single. On the other hand, the people, whose right buttock is larger than the left one, will have to face a lot of serious problems in their lives (career problems for men and child birth problems for women).

Hairy buttocks speak for very kind and agreeable people, although they also expose their genetic predisposition to illnesses of pelvic organs, first and foremost. One should also bear in mind the fact that parents, who have hairy buttocks, give birth to psychologically unbalanced, short-tempered children.

The combination of red hair on the head and black hair on the buttocks may occur for talented and highly emotional people. Grey bottom hair is a vestige of premature impotence for men, whereas red hair reveals their depraved nature.

Birthmarks on the upper area of the buttocks can be usually found with courageous and passionate people. If a person is too serious and reticent, he or she might have birthmarks in the middle part of the buttocks. A lower positioning of a birthmark testifies to problems with potency and procreation. Those individuals, who have a birthmark or two between the "cheeks" are destined to enjoy many years of creation and sex.

One must have probably noticed the increasing number of healers, who tell people's lives by their buttocks. Such "experts" say that the left intimate cheek hides the information about the past, while the right cheek tells of a person's talents and potential abilities.

I've read about the "muscular butt is considered strong, persistent and enduring in bed" thing, somewhere else some years back. I guess that point is credible! As for (all) other points... I have totally no idea. It's funny to read, though.

Btw, it must be damn difficult to inspect our butts ourselves - heck, you'll probably need mirrors, and uhm, maybe do a lil of stretching first cuz hey, you wouldn't wanna risk twisting your back while checking out your own butt. I haven't noticed birthmarks anywhere on my butt (or more precisely, haven't been REALLY observant), but I'd love to discover a birthmark on the upper area of my butt (since such a birthmark is said to make a person courageous and passionate).

And oh, certainly wouldn't mind one or two between the "cheeks" too. Heheh.

Apparently sourced from Fark.Ru, via LittleSpeck.com.

Also from LittleSpeck...
Sex Toys - Arousing Prim Singapore
According to this, women are more impressive when it comes to buying their paraphernalias. They tend to be frank with their sexual needs, and ask direct questions.

"For example, when buying a vibrator, they want to know the intensity of the vibration, so that they can get the exact piece they need".

The same, however, cannot be said about men. They fear to be seen buying or asking how they (the toys) work.
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