BMW Sorento Or Kia X5?
Saturday, January 29, 2005
What do you get when you fuse an RM400,000 (estimated, 2003 model, 3.0L) BMW X5...


With an RM190,000 (estimated, 2004 model, 3.5L V6) Kia Sorento?

KIA Sorento


BMW Grille

I don't know what to call it (BMW Sorento, Kia X5... etc). Make no mistake, IMHO the Kia Sorento is a very nice 4x4. Essentially, this is still a Kia Sorento, despite having being "fused" with an X5. Only the kidney grille (on the Kia) resembles that of BMW's. Looks good, undoubtedly. But given the money, I'd keep the Sorento as it is - minus the BMW kidney grille.

The emblems and and the model's name at the back of the Kia are usually removed, too. I wonder who're the owners trying to fool! To the owners' credit, they leave the car totally unmarked (no emblems, no badges, no logos) - maintaining anonimity. That's still okay. Yesterday, I saw one with a grille like that, plus (!!) a BMW badge on the bonnet (just right above, between the kidneys - like the X5's). *faints*

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