Shit Happened
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I heard that swimming is the best sport. It does not hurt your joint in any way, at least never severely (unless you swim straight into a boat's propeller or something). I should have taken up swimming instead of basketball, you know. One of the most common type of bball injuries is a twisted ankle (scratches that result in minor bleeding are not considered 'injuries'! They occur almost everytime you play). At approximately 6.25pm today, I limped out of the court in pain. I was on a scoring spree for more than 3 games when suddenly, my left foot landed on someone else's foot and he moved! We were actually moving quite fast, and then... "kluck!!"... there I was seated on the floor holding my leg (still blur) while my brain digested what had just happened (or what shit I had just stepped on). I couldn't estimate the extent of my injury, then. So I put up a smile and said I'm OK.

As a bballer, such an injury is not uncommon... I have had similar experiences in the past, on both my left as well as right feet (never at the same time, lah!), but I was still able to walk without much pain. The only thing I hate most (about such an injury) is that I must rest for a few weeks (usually 2 weeks, at least) before I'm fit to play at my best again. Today's injury was slightly worse than my previous ones. While still seated on the ground, I thought, "No big deal, I'll just stop playing for a few weeks, at most ". But when I stood up, only then I realised that I could be wrong. I felt pain even when I tried to walk (or limp, for that matter).

(By the way, I saw a hot chiq - in jogging attire - when I was limping towards the staircase - She looked at my foot and boy, I actually hoped that she'd offer to help me descend the stairs :p. But nah, she walked pass me instead *potong-stim music*)

By the time I reached home, my ankle was already swollen like the size of an egg yolk. I rested on the couch for a while, before standing on the balcony and watched the pool. My friends had earlier suggested that we all went for a swim - I began to regret my decision. But then again, who would've known, right? Shit happens. Alicia has been kind enough to give me some Chinese ointment and bandages for my injury. Thanks, babe *hugs*. I choose to think of it this way: the injury's a blessing in disguise; at least it forces me out of action (bball, that is) for a few weeks - Dei, final exam's less than a month away. You can tell that I'm optimistic, can't you?

Dread to think about tomorrow - Usually, the second day is when you *really* feel the pain (esp when you first get outta bed). *Shudders*

potong-stim - directly translated: "steam-chopper". In Malay.
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