Wah Piang... A Cicak!
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Hello world. A lizard is living in Alicia's Proton Iswara dashboard right now.

After slumping onto the passenger seat and closing the door, I happily put on my seatbelt and waited for Alicia. We were on our way back from dinner. Ej and Lw had already settled themselves on the rear seat. All doors closed now. Before the ignition key was turned, I thought I saw something. I thought 'Hey, cool new fake reptile Alicia bought'.

The next thing I knew, that 'fake reptile' just freagin' moved. It was about the length of my wallet - measured diagonally. *Pukes pukes* The black lizard was elusive alright. It conveniently ran and hid in one of the aircond vents. Incidentally, Alicia had a pair of bigass bamboo chopsticks in her car - don't ask me how they got in there.

I heard Alicia screamin' when she saw the lizard. Lw, upon noticing my exiting from the car, was somewhat freaked out too. We tried to coax the elusive lizzie out of the vents (using the... err, chopsticks?), but to no avail. Alicia decided that she wouldn't drive, lest the lizzie suddenly jump outta the vents and scare the shit out of her. She asked me to take the wheels instead. Considering that 4 lives were in the car, I obliged.

Lw sat with both feet on the seats. The lizzie is still in the dashboard as I blog this.
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