You Think You Need An iPod Nano?
Sunday, September 18, 2005
I want an iPod nano. But I have a problem. I have no answer to my own question, "Why should I buy one?". It's not very cheap, either. So of course, before deciding whether to throw that much of money away in exchange for an iPod nano, a few obvious questions must be answered.

Where and when would I use it? Err... not when I'm sleeping, that's for sure. In the library? I don't, and can't listen to music when I'm studying. How about in malls? Personally, I'd rather not listen to music in crowded places, buses and trains included. Uhm, I prefer to be more alert to my surroundings. So where, then, can I really put the iPod into good use? And ensure that my money spent is well justified?

Just look at the iPod nano. By just looking at it, that little devil in you tells you, "You want one. You can't fool yourself, you know you want one". The iPod nano is one of the most desirable items recently launched, I'd say. How do I convince myself that I need one of those? I know they make perfect Christmas and birthday gifts, no doubt about that. But dei, that much of money for a gift (for other people), might as well pamper myself. Unless I'm really rich, of course ;p

Hmm... *strokes chin*

By the way (you've gotta check this out)...
What does it take to destroy an iPod nano?
[From here.] "...To simulate everyday accidents that could result in a broken iPod, we came up with a few situations that we felt would ultimately leave the nano lifeless:

1. Sitting on the iPod nano
2. Dropping it while jogging (4-6mph),
3. Dropping at various speeds: 8-10mph (slow bicycle), 15-20mph (fast bicycle), 30mph (slow car), and 50mph (fast car)
4. Dropping the nano from various heights.

We were forced to depart from our planned schedule of destruction and try and run over it with the car. Surely, we thought, it could never withstand the crushing power of German automotive engineering..."

Holy cow! If you read on, you'll see that "...the nano had journeyed to the Land Where Consumer Electronics Are Eternally Blessed". That's when the music "finally" subsided, and the player's dead. *Speechless...*
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