Saw Jason Off
Saturday, September 03, 2005
I just got back from KLIA, after seeing my buddy Jason off. That guy's pursuing Actuarial Science in Canada (tell me about it, his math is damn good). WToong was supposed to come along, but FFK-ed and instead, settled for a short drop-over at his house before he left. Grrr. And I didn't know about that until I called him a to ask if he wanted to tag along. Even so, the first few calls went into his voicemail, cuz he was playing futsal. Yeah man! ;p

Anyway, I 'helped' a coupla friends send their regards and farewells. JWen said he'd feel bad if he didn't go - so the both of us went to KLIA to see the guy off. I mean, it was perfectly okay considering I was idling at home anyway. J's parents were real friendly, they remembered me as one of Jason's closest pal, which was rather sweet. It was a good thing that JWen went, too, because otherwise I doubt that I'd go alone, also :p J's mom was basically quite glad that we went, lah...

A number of friends turned up to bid him farewell, most of whom were his friends from the business he's in. His former schoolmates who went... were *drumrolls, please*... me and JWen... only *cymbals crashing*. Well, considering that the rest had already met up with him a coupla hours earlier and also the day before yesterday, it was all good lah.

J was sun-burnt, man. His vacation to Pulau Pemanggil (love that name!) left him tanned to Louis Koo-level. JWen actually said that the people in Canada may mistake J's home country for South Africa. Erm, if you know JWen well enough, you can imagine the way he said it la ;). Any black, or brown, or whatever-(color)-makes-you-happy people reading this, please take note that there's nothing racist in this post, ok?

J's dad was a lil teary-eyed when J hugged him, and uttered "You take care", which was a rather emotional sight also la *sob*. At about 12.10 past midnight, J descended the escalator towards the departure hall. It was time for us to leave... and J's parents thanked us for coming. We left shortly after... took a long, relaxed, slow drive home. J, the former school heartthrob of many young gals, is gonna slay some chicks in a foreign land, man. All the best to that guy :D.
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