PSD Scholarship "Slip-Up"? Welcome To Bolehland
Saturday, June 11, 2005
The fact that the PSD is finally granting scholarships to our country's top SPM scorers is interesting (Students get to fulfil their dreams and Rejected top SPM scorers finally get PSD scholarships). I share the joy of the students myself, because scoring 12 1A's and above is no small feat. And the extra co-curriculur activities? It's simply amazing. What more, they're among our country's 20 top-scorers. What else could have possibly denied them of the govt scholarship?

Now that the PSD has rightfully approved their applications, it is only natural that we, the rest of the bolehans, asked, "What went wrong?". Look, we're not talking about only one applicant, but 5 (based on NST report). Technical slip-up? Or are those scholarships reluctantly granted due to public (and our PM) pressure? I shan't speculate.

Whether or not it was a technical slip-up, either way, it is embarrassing that the PSD gave in after the issue was highlighted in the media. It proves that the PSD officials have admitted their errors. Do we need to make a big fuss everytime, just to get the authorities to REALLY look into the matter? It seems to me that, more often than not, this method works.

Why do we always need to go through the media in order to get things done? What happened to the proper channel? We all know why and how brain-drain is (and has been) threatening our country. Yet, we've got balls to not improve things. Lucky for us, the 5 dejected PSD scholarship applicants hadn't been snapped up by foreign bodies/institution (providing scholarships). Otherwise we could've said bye-bye to yet a few more talented "Anak Malaysia"s. (Btw, what happened to the "Anak Malaysia" 'branding' exercise?)

No point trying to attract Malaysians overseas back to serve the country when young, talented bolehans are left to seek opportunities elsewhere after being denied govt scholarships and public university admissions. It's like pumping petrol into a leaking petrol tank, you know? Not a smart way to achieve the desired result, huh.
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