10 Reasons Why I Should Join The MCB
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
[Just for laughs] Having lived Bolehland for more than 20 years now, I've learnt the way the MCB (Malaysian Censorship Board) works and operates. While I'm not sure how the MCB plays its role in the music or theatre industry, I do know alil bit (based on observations, that is) about its policies and strictness (also inconsistency) when it comes to censoring and filtering films - Foreign and local films included.

Kudos to the MCB for banning Daredevil and changing Hellboy's name to Super Sapien. You can tell that the MCB wasn't too happy about Daredevil and the name of Hellboy. Given that some other movies contained even more violence compared to Daredevil, yet still allowed to be shown in cinemas nationwide, I don't see why these movies should should be allowed, too:

1) Torque: Promotes illegal racing (motorcycle). Young bikers would try to imitate or modify their bikes to look somewhat similar to those in the film.

2) XXX - State of the Union: Too much violence. The main character doesn't appear to be a well-disciplined man. Kids (or adults with peabrains) would try to imitate the stunts in the movie.

3) House of Wax: Paris Hilton is considered a sex icon/idol/goddess to some people. Her movies should not be allowed on this pure land. Also, the movie contained crude violence.

4) Kungfu Mahjong: Promotes gambling. Should be banned.

5) Ong Bak: Promotes violence. Should be banned.

6) Kungfu Hustle: Violence aplenty. This included chopping off legs with butcher knives and dousing petrol onto people. Also promotes gangsterism (mafia gang, etc). Should be banned.

7) Ocean's 12: Promotes theft. What more, the thieves seemed to have no regret and never get caught. Should be banned.

8) Initial D: Promotes illegal street racing. Influence youths to try drifting on public roads. Should be banned.

9) Mr and Mrs Smith: Violent scenes. Angelina Jolie is too sexy - some sicktards with a freaky libido may get all excited and rape some pedestrian after the movie.

10) Batman Begins: Batman-wannabes may try Batman's stunts and acts (including driving like him). Bad influence. Should be banned.
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